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Anonymous: well, i just wanted to be nice and to make you feel okay again. but anyway...

and you did. :) anyway, whats your name , since we’re talking and whatnot

i smile when you speak

oooh la la

i’d like to thank the 5 followers of mine who acknowledge my existence

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when i get anxious i cant spell properly

oh dear

Me every time I look into a mirror



Anonymous: you are beautiful. you really are. don't let anyone say you're not please. and above all, i hope you smiled today :)

i smiled because i am a happy person and do find things happy but i just dont like myself and that becomes more apparent on some days, and on some days i love who i am. right now i just need to change a few things to feel okay again. but thanks.I didnt even know anyone ever read or acknowledged this blog? so thats really surprising. but youre absolutely bullshitting me and yourself by sayin im beautifull. I know what beautiful means and i may be attractive but im far from ‘beauty.

I take pictures of myself..granted.

but the only reason i put them on facebook or here even, is because i dont look like myself. I look like a split second of a nother part of me which is capable of looking okay

but that part only exist in still moments

i cant keep it up

i feel horribyl vain

and i wish i had a reason or an attractive auura to me so icould use that as an excuse

but i dont


thats it

my skin is terrible, it has breakouts, blemishes, its dry and ugly and sore

my voice is annoying and hurts my ears

the words i speak aren;t even what i want them to be

my eyes are cold and small and show no emotion because of the size

my nose is wide and super straight

my mouth is idotic ugly and my smile is terribly offputting

my laugh isn’t pleasant to hear

my jaw is too wide and i look unproportional

im just fucking terrible and i wish i wasnt

so yes, hello , this is my personal blog from now onwards.

That moment you pass your school on a weekend

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